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Submission Guidelines

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Thank you for your interest in submitting to BoundBy. We are a student-run poetry magazine which aims to support unpublished poets. Because it is student-run, we ask that all submissions conform to the guidelines below in order to to reduce editorial work. We cannot guarantee that your piece will be considered if it does not conform to the submission guidelines.  


  • Poems should be written in Palatino Linotype.

  • The title of the poem should be point 16. 

  • Your name should be written below in point 12.

  • The body of the poem should also be point 12.

  • Line spacing should be set at 1.15 


  • Only one submission is accepted per person per category per edition.  

  • If your work is not published in one edition, it can be resubmitted in any future submissions. 

  • Poems must not have been previously published elsewhere.

  • If you are submitting a poem in another language, please also provide the English translation (literal or interpretive) beside or below it.  

  • Minor edits may be suggested and will be sent back to you before publishing. If you do not consent or reply, then we may not publish your poem. 

  • Please specify whether your poem(s) is for the open category or the ‘Inspired by’ category, which will be advertised for each edition.

  • Please also include your preferred pronouns in your email, as well as how you would like your name to be displayed - for example, if you would prefer to be referred to as J Hamilton or Joseph H instead of Joseph Hamilton. Poems can also be published anonymously at the poet's request.


Example Poem Name 

Your name 


I am a poem 

and this is what I look like.  


I am a poem  

full of laughs and jokes and tears.  


I am a poem- 

I like to play with style, be it  

line breaks, formatting or even punctuation.  

(can you see it now?)  



Cue lyrical music 


I am a poem  

and this is how I end. 

Submit a Poem

Please send your poem and any questions to us by email.


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