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A Poem by Uma C. Allen

Velvet, pearls and leather,

That's what I like, baby.


Passion at 100%,

That's who I am, baby.


Sunsets over an emerald ocean.

Meet me there


Baby and I'll show you who I am.

Our dishonesty fades with the sun, baby.


I reveal myself, satin skin and the cold metal

Of the chains that I like. But baby,


You run away. And suddenly these chains feel heavier

With judgement from the one I love the most. Baby.


Did I come on too strong? Should I have come later

In the dark where you can't see me. Why should I, baby?


When I want someone to accept me. This chasm was a question

Between the safety to be vulnerable and judgement, but baby,


You're too afraid. And your judgement could send me into hiding, like you,

But baby,


I don't deserve a life of fear.

I am Uma, and I won't hide anymore.

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