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BoundBy: Spring '24

Since the genesis of the medium, site has played a critical role in the composition of poetic works. In this edition, we invited poets to let the prompt 'Lines Written Two Streets From Home' inspire poems that go far beyond. Also featuring commentaries by Li Sadiq, Maddie Sangway, Klara McMenamin and Faiqa Ali Chughtai on their submissions.


Inspired By PROMPT

lines written two streets from home

A poem by Quinn Collins

he asked if he could pray for me. i have never believed in God

but i said yes

anyway. having no Faith does not mean i don't have faith. i

have faith in...

Open Category

We are Ants in the Hands of God

A poem and commentary by Klara McMenamin

I used to pick up ants.

I greatly loved and admired them.

Tiny creatures. Existing in a complex society...

Open Category

I saw a bird fall from the rooftops

A poem by Uma Mei Jacklin

and fate touched it, flying.

Please, turn and centre with the stars. It's an illusion,

you're not falling, you're not dying.

Listen, the ground doesn't want to take you...

Open Category


A poem and commentary by Faiqa Ali Chughtai

One day I woke up, tapped on my Tumblr link,

but found a rumbler, on black screen's brink.

Words in white, like stars at night,

said, Internet's done, in plain sight...

Open Category

The Loyalty of Hakim

A poem and commentary by Li Sadiq

Hark! My dear! Angels drape gold around these four hands.

A pair laced with prayer beads, and an infidel's raw hands!...


Open Category


A poem by Robert Castagna

What egos we possess
to think we are the only ones
with souls.
And those that don't believe...

Open Category

To the girl who got me flowers

A poem by Kelsey Edwards

I'm allergic to lilies
but I'll love them just the same, smell them
just the same. Despite the red rash raising...


Open Category

bittersweet seville

A poem and commentary by Maddie Sangway

bittersweet seville.

teased with lemons and honey

as i explore you

forever aware

of life's beautiful upset...

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