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A Poem by Maria Alves

Red Light Kisses

For the girl I loved all summer,

I hope not to love you for the rest of my life.


When we are at the junction

halfway between your house and mine.

When your day-old perfume

can only be smelt on the skin,

just above your neck.

I pepper your jaw with kisses

As if we have longer than we do

and curse the council

for the thousands spent

on sensors and their attack

on congestion-fuelled love.



My hand retreats

from its home in your thighs

to put the car in drive.

I reach for the solace of you

The pearls of summer months

enclosed in summer palms

My right-hand labours

under the pressure

of the odd signal, and steer.

There will be one more red light

between your house and mine.

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