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BoundBy: October '23

From dread to love, a poem embraces all. Explore the eight poems published in the fifth edition of BoundBy, along with three commentaries by Aisling John, Isabella Costa and Hattie Rickwood on their submissions. Also featuring an essay on the untapped potential of poetry in the multimedia space by Vance Hatton.

a reluctant taste[3534].jpeg

Open Category

A Reluctant Taste

A poem by Zahra Jazmina

The pill I ate not so long ago
Became stale in my stomach
There it lingered in the acid of me,

Brushed away in waves of heat before another fell into its sea.

It became a hopeless mercy once it settled into the trove of Misery’s


Open Category

Your cacophony.

A poem by Ruby Simmonds

i’ve had my body ripped into pieces at the hand of a delicate man,

i’ve lost my autonomy to a gentle heart,

and had my mouth covered by a pleading soul...

Open Category


A poem and commentary by Isabella Costa

you wake up

chock-full of dread. 


you only have

five days left

your cuckoo says...

Open Category

Building's Eye

A poem by Sophia Witcomb

I love to leave my blinds open at night

to watch the world wash into a window of black

until I turn all internal lights off

and wonder why...

Inspired By: Hope For Health


A poem and commentary by Aisling John

I’ll write a hopeful poem. Someday

I’ll listen to your advice. Someday


I’ll butter my toast, till it’s crispy and gold

and won’t forget to clean up the knife. Someday


Inspired By: Hope For Health

Shower Habits

A poem by Felix van Oordt

I have a habit of sitting down in the shower

And curling up in a ball like how a flower

Waits to unfurl, and bloom, and tower,

And— That's a lie, actually. I have a habit of that too...

Dark Ocean

Open Category

A poem and commentary by Hattie Rickwood

Her Ticking Heart

I once knew a girl who had a heart 

Like a ticking clock, counting down the 

Endless hours that fell between now...

Open Category


A poem by Gaia Naitiv

Can you feel the pulse?

Words and sounds embracing

in a delicate, blue haze...

A Tapestry Untyped

An essay by Vance Hatton

Vance Hatton explores the untapped potential of poetry in the multimedia space, both as an inspiration and a vessel for adaptation.

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