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BoundBy: November '23

From Edgar Allan Poe to Mary Shelley, Gothic poetry has historically dared to explore the darkest parts of the mind. Our sixth edition includes three Gothic poems which bring the genre into the twenty-first century as well as three from our mainstay Open Category. Featured alongside their poems are two commentaries from the talented Nina G and Jáde Opanuga. 

Inspired By 'The Gothic'

Spiny-Finger Blues

A poem and commentary by Nina G




Inspired By 'The Gothic'

A poem by Aisling John

Exodus 3

a bush on fire in the parking lot – I walk past a man at the door who won’t let me in my face plastered against the glass...

Open Category

A poem by Carolina Fernandez Bold

Don't Mark The Date

you know it already: the point in summer when skin is enough to suffocate in. She’ll leave you breathless with lavender behind your ear— it’s pub garden treasure, ignored...

Open Category


Uncredited at poet's request

I think I’m getting depressed again, I tell the stranger.

My body gets tired faster and faster, why does no one ever focus on the after?...

Open Category

Look At Me

A poem by Myriam Hajjaji

Look at me.

I want you to look at me. I want you to see and to understand...

'Inspired By 'The Gothic'


A poem and commentary by Jáde Opanuga

The boy.

He itches and scrapes away,

Hoping to reach and tear at his thought...

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