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BoundBy: May '23

At the heart of the poem is the individual. Explore the eight poems published in the third edition of BoundBy, including three inspired by Ghazal form, and commentaries by Kelsey Edwards and Isabella Costa on their submissions.

Inspired By: The Ghazal Form


A poem by Leonia Depledge

Nothing I have loved or lived will end in goodbye.

It’s see you later; you’re part of me now; never goodbye.


Friends from travels have faded into missed calls and amnesia

Yet they’re in every word I learn; amour, love, au revoir, goodbye.


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A poem and commentary by Kelsey Edwards

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I Live

A poem by Sophia Witcomb

Inspired By: The Ghazal Form


A poem by Vance Hatton

Picked and pulled and plucked

from each of my

fingers bitten and bruised

Please never grow back...

Come, throw around words as though they’re as light

As feathers which land with the force of bricks

You don’t see the difference between a fight...

In 300 yards, turn right.

Bear left onto High Street, then turn right.

 At the roundabout, take the second exit.

Then, in 300 yards, turn right...


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A poem and commentary by Isabella Costa

I look for you

in a dirty pile

of cctv tapes.


the shop owner testifies:...

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Devour ME.

A poem by Ruby Simmonds

you tore my ribcage in two and licked each bone.

you left the trace of your tongue devouring me,

and yet i was not disgusted but flattered...

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A poem by Bryn Rolfe

Homer called me the wisest and most prudent of all mortals.

During my atlas-like lift I can’t see myself as foresightful.

My spasmodic legs struggle to hoist the relentless rock...

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