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A Poem by Leonia Depledge

Nothing I have loved or lived will end in goodbye.

It’s see you later; you’re part of me now; never goodbye.


Friends from travels have faded into missed calls and amnesia

Yet they’re in every word I learn; amour, love, au revoir, goodbye.


My grandma lives in the fibre of each blanket I knit

My rough fingers weave her into new life and refuse a goodbye.


My artist’s dream worshipped your colours, and today

Every bright brushstroke is yours, recalling our goodbye.


You once grasped my hand with desperate fervour

Is it strange to say it burns from your touch each time it waves a goodbye?


My teacher’s hands guided me in every scribbled word

Now my pen writes with her blood, inked in greeting and goodbye.


Each inch of my skin, everything I know, everything I’ve learned

Is yours, hers, his, theirs, ours, imprinted in spite of goodbye.


Leonia is everything I have ever been, alive and engraved.

Alive in memory, in touch, in creation; never in goodbye.

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