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devour me.

A Poem by Ruby Simmonds

you tore my ribcage in two and licked each bone.

you left the trace of your tongue devouring me,

and yet i was not disgusted but flattered.

the crack in my neck still chimes; it was used to cocking for you.


your lips felt too heavy on my hip.

i assured myself it was your admiration breaking me down and kicking me in.

but we both knew that wasn’t the case.


you shattered my collarbone with the harsh caressing of your fingers

and your stare practically engraved your name into my skin;

the lifeless skin that you sucked the soul from,

the skin you never actually cared about.


you made my heart cry and beg for you,

i didn’t care that she was mine,

i let you control her.


you stole my oxygen, scooping it from my mouth and holding my nose.

you poisoned my liver with your words,

your embrace,

your mindset.

i swear i could just feel my organs failing.


they’re yours to take

you can have my ribs,

lick them,

devour me until you’re no longer hungry.


you lost my mind too long ago to insist you stop.

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