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BoundBy: July '23

Desire drives all: the good, the bad and the poem. Explore the seven poems published in the fourth edition of BoundBy, including two inspired by Fleabag, and commentaries by Laura van Diesen and Rebecca Meldon on their submissions. Also featuring an essay on the power of poetry in social change by Kelsey Edwards.


Inspired By: FLeabag

Waltz for Body and Water

A poem by Laura van Diesen

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My Sleeping Beauty

A poem by Grace Simmonds

Inspired By: FLeabag

It Will Pass

A poem by Vance Hatton

                                           (Lightly swung, cantabile)

The sea is all uncaring mouth,

but still, speak to her. Step into the shore,

worry the edges of her conversation...

I loved her in January,

huddled on the bus ride down

through the night and into town...

My little Briar Rose, only fifteen years old;
prick your finger,   hurry                 quick—
Let me fuck your little body cold!...

Giving A voice to the voiceless

An essay by Kelsey Edwards

Kelsey Edwards explores the power of poetry and how Billie Holiday's Strange Fruit became a symbol for social change in the 20th century.

i am two drinks away.jpg

I am two Drinks Away From Forgetting His Name And

A poem by Beck Broom

Guy asks if I like

being choked.

Maybe—show me?

Guy says suffocating...

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A poem by Elly Hong


There are nine species of hammerhead shark in the world. They

are consummate predators. They travel as a school; and yet...

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A poem by Rebecca Meldon

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Rabid Dog

A poem by Erin Lewis

slick sick tissue-paper tick

we were not meant to fly!...

Teeth are bared against the bars of the cage,

saliva dripping down to the ground

and blending into the matted, shed hairs...

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