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BoundBy: March '23

From humble beginnings, the poet is born. Explore the seven poems published in our first edition's open category, including commentaries by Robert Gainer and Amelie Chadwick on their submissions.

Open Category


A poem and commentary by Robert Gainer

Old black and whites play cool in silhouette.
A kind of blue in green mood indigo
he blows right through me without regret,

sketching flamenco in grainy shadow...


Open Category

once upon a time, you and i:

A poem and commentary by Amelie Chadwick

"blue-green or blue-purple?" i ask.

we're talking about veins. you ponder it, look at your wrists (i could loop my thumb and forefinger round them with room to spare. they're curiously small and i think of sparrows)...

Open Category

Dead Flowers

A poem by Grace Simmonds

Do not forget that the flowers she buys you are dead:

they are wilted, a brown shade of decay. You have nothing to say

as she presses a kiss to your forehead – 


an apology for being misled...

Open Category

Hayfever, Its Genetic

A poem by Caroliona Fernandez Bold

You won’t speak, your eyes leak stinging petals

and my eyes are yours: the colour of nettles.   

In your fingers I place foreign flowers

as you forgive-me-not, I decide...

Grunge Abstract Background

Open Category

Red Light Kisses

A poem by Maria Alves

For the girl I loved all summer,

I hope not to love you for the rest of my life.


When we are at the junction

halfway between your house and mine...

Open Category


A poem by Morgan Blundell-Smith

Sigmund Freud said every face we see in our dreams 

is a face we’ve seen before—in reality. 

They seep into the subconscious mind. It seems 

we often can’t remember where we’ve seen...

Open Category

I want to watch my body nourish the Earth

A poem by Anya Duncan

Observe the dirt

as it breaks me apart. De-

Compose the words

and memories which...

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