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BoundBy: April '23

The best poems transcend the page and transport the reader. Explore the eight poems published in the second edition of BoundBy, including three inspired by the edition's cover image, and commentaries by Elly Hong and Kelsey Edwards on their submissions.

Image by Annie Spratt

Inspired By: Edition Cover Image

My Jolly Sailor Bold

A poem by Grace Simmonds

Sing me your sweet lullaby. Please push it down my throat; 

let me taste its honeyed chorus, for us, I’ll be 

your jolly sailor on this little wooden boat. 


Let me drink your candied voice (don’t...

Inspired By: Edition Cover Image

Lost HAt

A poem by Bryn Rolfe

Pristine and peaceful. 

Boats sat upon our plane of water  

with a smooth rock in the lake. 


We sought it, with slow progress ...

Inspired By: Edition Cover Image

The Silent Sounds

A poem by Sophia Witcomb

And so, I close my eyes to listen  

To whispered words too hard to say aloud 

And so, I open my heart to listen 

To a soul that I wish would cry aloud...

Open Category

The Penguin Book Of Love Poetry

A poem and commentary by Kelsey Edwards

Tonight I can write the saddest lines; 

the sisters, two rural sisters, Damned 



[after long silence]...


Open Category

Laugh, but Do Not Lose

A poem and commentary by Elly Hong

You laugh when I say ‘bath’ ~~ stumbling between a  

north/south pronunciation. My throat flaps as I  

make a conscious decision to say glass. 

(denying the queen her english)...

Open Category

Ode To Dancing In The Kitchen

A poem by Finlay Macdonald

Two magpies perch on the washing line, 

suspended on their spot in empty space. 


These days you live within me 

trace my shadow, shadow my solitude... 

Open Category

Overheard Between
Agnes And Dymhna

A poem by Beck Broom

Love goes the way of 

small bruises: a collar 


of pinprick fingerprints. 

Each burst capillary 

Tube Lights

Open Category

Dreams Of The Hunted

A poem by Felix van Oordt

I am doomed to be prey. 


The trees pay no mind to soft wails of the lifeless, 

see no difference between damned and righteous, 

the canopy prays not when the moon-dyed arrows...

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